Cascarones Emptying on Wed. March 15th at noon

Cascarones Emptying on Wed. March 15th at noon

How do 20 dozen eggs become colorful Cascarones, filled with confetti and shredded paper?

It all starts when helpful, patient folks (like you, perhaps?) poke holes (one small and one large)  in the ends of 20 dozen eggs and blow the yolk and whites into a bowl.

The eggs are then submerged in water that has a low concentration of bleach and set out to dry.  The yolks and white are poured into gallon freezer bags and frozen for use on Easter Sunday.

We need more helpful, patient people to come to the Social Hall on Wednesday, March 15th at noon to blow out the eggs.  It’s fun, you’ll be with lovely folks from Old First, and we really need your help.

Then families from Old First take a carton or two of eggs and a bag with tissue paper, confetti and shredded paper and stuff them, gluing a square of tissue paper over the larger hole.  The families take them home and decorate the eggs, fill them, seal them and return them on Palm Sunday.

Can your family help us continue this tradition by taking a dozen or two empty eggs on Sunday, March 19?