Cascarones: Working together to Create Traditions & Joy

Cascarones: Working together to Create Traditions & Joy

Easter is filled with traditions, and it is clear that the exploding eggs are becoming a part of Old First, just like the live nativity at Christmas!  What a blessing to be reminded that Christ is Risen by having a colored egg filled with confetti and glitter cracked in your hand or over your head.

Last year it was such a joy to know that so many people where a part of making this tradition happen. As staff, we’ve been thinking about how to make more room for people to get involved and helping out around church. We need the extra hands. We also know that people want to be involved and make an investment in their faith community and its ministries.


March 11 @ 1 pm in the Christian Education Building the Midday Meeting will  begin with an afternoon of cracking open and cleaning the eggs to prepare the shells to be dyed.

Sunday morning, March 15, during Sunday School (and if needed worship too) our kids will dye the eggs. Bring a friend to church to help out!

The young adults will finish the Cascarones by filling them with confetti and closing them. Tentatively, they are planning to do so on Saturday, March 28. Afterwards, those who wish will go out together.

We have been told that cascarones are known to bring luck, and that is what this inter-generational project has offered Old First. Michael sometimes says, “How GOOD it is when the people of God work together for the good.”

We are lucky to have such an Easter tradition that gives so many people such joy (note the joy in Kayla’s face)!