Reaching Out to the Merlos – Casseroles Needed

As you may recall, when congregation members at Old First are in need, a call often goes out from the office for help.  One of our families is struggling right now and really needs your help.  You probably heard that Lisa Merlo is in the hospital.  She’s stepped down from ICU but she has not yet regained consciousness.   Doctors have not been able to discover the origin of her illness and have not been able to successfully treat her.  Tony is spending all of his time at the hospital.

How can you help?  First of all, keep Lisa and Tony, the doctors, caregivers and their extended family in your prayers.  And you can send a card or note of support to them, they are listed in Realm.  Spiritual nourishment is always welcome.

Another way you can help is by providing some physical nourishment for Tony.  You can imagine how little time he spends taking care of himself.  A smallish casserole or home made frozen dinner would be greatly appreciated.  When you fix a meal for your family, prepare extra servings for Tony, put them all on a sturdy disposable plate, and wrap the whole thing, top and bottom, in 2 layers of foil.  Please add a label, listing the contents and suggested reheating directions.  For example, if you added some salad or garlic bread or dessert, you might note to take those items off the plate before microwaving the rest.  Or put them in a separate container and wrap them together.

You may bring dinners or casseroles by the church any day from 8-4 or check the web-calendar to see if there’s an evening meeting.  Someone will get it to the freezer in the kitchen and Tony can pick them up on Sunday.

Your thoughtfulness will be long remembered.  We all experience crisis at some point in our lives.  The support of others helps us to endure, and reminds us that Jesus is with us, standing beside us, with his rod and staff that give us courage.