Casting Call! (for Worship Leaders)

Casting Call! (for Worship Leaders)

Do you have a hidden talent you have not been sharing with us?

Are you secretly spending time reciting Bible passages in the car on your way to work?

Do you find that your children are spending more time eating by candlelight?

Then here’s your chance to help us light the way and proclaim God’s word to all in Sunday worship at Old First.

If you haven’t heard, we are seeking lectors, liturgists and acolytes on an ongoing basis for services weekly. Please consider revealing your hidden talents to us and share your reading and candle lighting skills with the congregation. No experience necessary. (Here is some information to give you a better idea of what lector, liturgist and acolyte involve.)

Interested parties — or even if you have questions — please contact Tony Merlo, “the Casting Director.” Or the Church Office. Or you can simply sign up online for the role and the date that you want to serve.