Celebrate Gina Lee’s Life

Celebrate Gina Lee’s Life

When Toni’s family received word of his sister Gina’s unexpected death, everyone was left, as often happens in these kinds of cases, scrambling, trying to figure out who could do what, in the midst of their shock and grief. “Who’s going to find a funeral director?” “What would Gina have wanted to happen to her body?” “How are we going to gather the financial resources needed?” “Who’s going to take care of the rest of her affairs?” … You know the kinds of tasks that come up and have to be assigned.

In the midst of all that, Toni realized what he could offer to be the person who gets a service organized for her. Gina was a Christian, but lately she visited different churches rather than belonging to one. So there was no obvious congregation to host the funeral. Well, no church but ours!

Toni asked me if we could do the funeral for his sister, and organize it so that her son and the rest of Toni’s family and Gina’s friends can join us online. I said we would be honored. That capacity is both necessary to make this service work, but it’s also sweet that we have the capacity because of Toni’s volunteer service (alongside Adam).

So the memorial service for Gina Lee will be in the Old First sanctuary and online on our zoom at 3 pm on Saturday, July 20. You are invited to join us in the Sanctuary to support Toni and because hybrid services work best when some people are in the building. Or you can join us online.

There will be a light lunch for those who are at Old First afterwards.

In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts can be given in Gina’s name to the Outreach Ministries at Old First.