Check Out Our New Website!

Check Out Our New Website!

It’s been a lot of work. Conceptual as well as technical. (Perhaps you can tell from how different it looks?) Our intention with the website (and our other concerted efforts to lead with “Love First” as shorthand for all this community represents, supports and teaches) is to give people a better sense of what our community is like, and how participating in the life our church can make a difference in their lives and in our world.

We owe great thanks to our member Bula Bhullar whose marketing company, Giant Sky, has done this work for us “pro Deo” (without charge as a gift to the church). We have also been helped by Bula’s co-worker Kate Calligan and his colleague Adip Thathy at the design firm Contact Designers. And by Suzanne C., our Director of Community Engagement, who has put in hours making sure that information gets transferred and that the new website meets the needs of both our membership and people from outside this congregation who will use it to get to know us before they ever show up for anything at church.

As with all giant steps forward, especially with technology, inevitably, there will be glitches. And there are sections and features on the new website that are not completely as we want them to be yet. Or completely finished. Websites, like people and churches, are works in progress. That’s why the word “iteration” is used so much these days!

Be nice. Bear with us. Be thankful — this was a really big effort that we could not have done on our own.

And if you see something that needs to be changed or fixed or added, let us know. We need your input and suggestions to make this meet the needs of our community, the needs of people we want to serve, and God’s needs.

But the timing couldn’t be better! It’s almost Easter, and more people will probably come to check us out on the website as they consider coming to worship with us. How nice that before they ever arrive here, they will encounter a bit of virtual resurrection, even if it’s just a clearer online representation of how this beloved community offers new and abundant life.

Old First. Love first.