Choir Schedule Changes Beginning Next Fall

Choir Schedule Changes Beginning Next Fall

Something to think about for the fall (because it’s never too soon to get organized and get the schedule on your calendar. You can even begin practicing saying, “I can’t; I have choir rehearsal…”)

We’re trying a new schedule for the choir — the second Sunday of the month off, along with no rehearsals the Thursday immediately before. I hope this opens up one Sunday a month for “something else” — instrumental groups or smaller vocal ensembles or something else I haven’t even imagined!

If you have an idea, talk to me. If you sing and play and instrument, and haven’t told me, it’s time. Our ensembles are always evolving, and you are welcome to join us!

One more change for next fall: the choir will rehearse from 10 to 10:30 on Sunday mornings. We’ll be flexible for folks involved in Adult Forum and who are Church School Teachers. But the choir has been coming early for the past 16 years… And maybe what’s been holding you back from joining choir has been the early Sunday rehearsal time. Well, JOIN NOW, because we switched it up just for YOU!

Whether you soloed this year or sang a hymn as a member of the congregation or found yourself surprisingly moved by a style of music you don’t usually like, I am so grateful for Old First’s incredible ministry of music, and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold.

— Julie Steiner