Yes, we are back at 11 am. So Michael expects to see EVERYONE who says the summer 10 am hour is too early! 

It’s the first day of Sunday School and Choir too. 

If you want to sing with the choir, simply show up at 10 am for the rehearsal and introduce yourself to Bill who is our music leader these days. 

If you want to bring children to Sunday School, we’d love to have them. The church sent out a mailing to each Sunday School family, that included invitations for every child to our “Bring a Friend to Sunday School” opening. If you know kids or a family who might like our Sunday School, please invite them. (Of course, you could also bring a friend to worship…)

We will all start in the Sanctuary together. The kids are helping me light the candles during the Prelude, so they can come right up as soon as the music begins. 

Michael is going to teach Sunday School this week! (Tim R. will be the second teacher). Don’t worry, you will not be left leaderless in worship. Our new member, the Rev. Shelly Stackhouse, will be leading worship and officiating at the Communion Table. (Yes, we moved Communion to this Sunday from last, so more people could receive it.) 

Michael hopes by skipping worship to teach Sunday School, he can make it clear to the kids and the rest of the church how important this ministry is. His Sunday School lesson is going to be about how Jesus teaches us to care for one another with his lesson of washing his disciples feet. But since our kids don’t have dusty feet, he’s going to paint their feet first, so he can wash them clean. 

But he’s painting the kids’ feet also so they can make footprints on cardstock that announce:

 “I, Michael, am following Jesus, caring for people.” 

When we get all the kids’ footprints done, we will laminate them and hang them out on the construction fence as some decoration. (Watch out, it has occurred to Michael that it would be fun to add the adults’ footprints – and commitments – too…) 

And when the Adults come out of church, there might just be little red, yellow, blue and purple footprints all over the bricks out front. And Sunday Schoolers with clean feet. 

Please join us online or in person at 11 am.