Church Without Walls: Extending a Helping Hand

Church Without Walls: Extending a Helping Hand

by Mike Wass

Last Sunday a number of Old Firsters had the opportunity to be part of Church Without Walls.  We met at our “church without walls,” the Samuel Playground and Rec. Center.  The purpose of the morning was a mission to help others in the community.  We accomplished our objective!  The Playground and Rec. Center look wonderful. In addition to working within the community to support others, the morning also allowed Old First members to work with others they do not know or don’t know well and to catch up with those that they do know well.

Let me address three areas:

  1. Was the morning worth it?  YES
  2. Should we continue supporting the church without walls concept?  YES; and
  3. Do I hope more people can join us next time?  YES.

Before we began our activities, we feasted on food and drink brought by Old First members. What we physically accomplished was making the area around the Playground and Rec. Center look better by picking up trash, but what we spiritually accomplished was much more.  The morning entailed more though than just a hands-on activity to help others; it was also a church service at the playground.  The key was that we were working together, helping the community by extending our service and ministry to others outside the walls of Old First.  For reflection Michael facilitated activities around what we had done – its meaning to us and why it was important to us and others.  I heard many say that by helping others that we really help ourselves and the world around us.  The morning helped us to pause and focus on others and their needs and extend a “hand and heart.”  I feel gratified and fulfilled that I could be part of the Old First mission outside of our walls.

A number of us capped off the morning by having brunch/breakfast Polish-style at a restaurant in the Polish section of the city.  A big thanks goes to Michael, Suzanne, Beth, Jill and the rest of the Revitalization Task Force for making the day a reality. Old First, Job Well Done!

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Church Without Walls Oct 2011