Clarifications on the Upcoming Congregational Meeting

Clarifications on the Upcoming Congregational Meeting

The Co-Moderators wrote an exciting letter to the congregation last week. They spoke about possibilities we might work on in the Sanctuary building while we aren’t using it. The Elders and the Admin SLG are currently gathering info (prices, choices of materials, etc.) so that we could talk about that as a church. One of the questions of their letter was, “Are you, once we get the information we need, interested in talking about renovating the Sanctuary and getting a new floor in the Social Hall? 

But before that, a Congregational Meeting is scheduled for next week on August 2. The Congregational Meeting is very specific. We need to approve the use of $6,390 (am I remembering right?) for the architect to provide plans / specifications so we can get bids 3 items:

1) the glass doors behind the historic wood doors at the front of the church, 

2) an architectural glass covering for the well, 

3) glass safety rails for the stairs up to the balcony (in front of the windows). 

If you all approve that expenditure from remaining Capital Campaign funds, once we get the plans and have bids, we would have another meeting to ask you to spend the money to undertake the three projects. 

In the companionship groups, we have heard some confusion. So, this is just a clarification! 

Next week: can we spend money to get the specs.

Later: can we spend money to go ahead with these 3 projects.

Sometimes later: let’s talk about new floors downstairs and renovations in the Sanctuary.


Hope that clears up any confusion!