A Thank You for a Cleaner Church

A Thank You for a Cleaner Church

There are times when we see things are not as they should be, and we may or may not voice a concern. This was me regarding the maintenance of our property at Old First, especially the cleaning, and the time it took to get minor repairs done.

Then the Administration Standing Leadership Group hired Marisol Zuvela as our custodian, and later they brought Bruce Clark on as our on-site sexton.

Now when I walk into the church and other areas I can see a real difference. There may be a glitch here and there (nothing is perfect, alas), but as a long time member I can honestly say I see a real improvement and a consistency we have not had in a while.

Thanks to you, SLG for Administration! And, of course, also to Marisol and to Bruce for all your hard work!


Alice Reyes