Women's and Children's July Clothing Drive

Women's and Children's July Clothing Drive

There are plenty of clothes in our closets. But in many parts of the world, there are a lot of people who only have 2 pairs of clothes that they wear for weeks at a time.. That’s the case in Honduras, where Gracie and Sarah were born.

Let’s put our “surplus of clothes” to good use. Instead of just throwing out perfectly good clothes (because we want to buy more!), donate them to our July Women’s and Children’s Clothes Drive. So some of our High School students can take them to people in Honduras. Give a child or another adult a reason to smile. Make Gracie, Sarah and Jackson proud of us too.

At the end of July, Gracie, Sarah and Jackson will be traveling with “Students Helping Honduras,” a non-for-profit organization that brings students to Honduras to help build schools. Gracie has already been to Honduras once this year to help. She will return at the end of July, with Sarah and Jackson to help some more.

The three Old First teens are asking for our donated clothes before they leave. This clothing collection is a limited time offer: it must be wrapped up before the end of July. (At other times, Old First is always collecting Men’s Clothes, but because most of our Cupboard “shoppers” are male, we don’t collect women’s or children’s clothes.)

Please donate at least 1 piece of clothing. Clothing is needed for all ages, but especially children 2 years to 13 years old. Most needed are:

-sandals/flip flops
-soccer shoes
-tank tops/spaghetti strap tops
-maternity clothes
-baby/toddler clothing

You can bring you donations to the church at anytime. We will be storing them over by the Well in the Lower Narthex. And the Wagenveld’s will be picking them up each Sunday until the end of July.

If you have any questions, please speak with Gracie, Sarah or Jackson. And keep their trip and their efforts to help in your prayers.

— Gracie