Clowns Are In Town

Clowns Are In Town

I’ve never encountered clowns with a desire for service, until this week. From Flint, Michigan, the Mott Community College Clowns once again return to Old First for a week’s stay with a new batch of fascinating and youthful clowns to brighten our community and children.

The clowns have been coming to Old First for the past few years (thanks to a Billi A.-C. connection), and despite Rev. Caine’s dislike of clowns (MC: “that’s an understatement!), they enchant the community with their colorful costumes, smiles and silliness. Each year, the clowns drive down to Philly and showcase their new learn talents to children within public schools with a message of “Stop Bullying.”

My experience with the clowns has been exciting: these young people close to my age are embracing an act that is difficult to master, but also very thrilling. Last Saturday, the Mott clowns (out of costume) joined the Pleasantville, UCC youth group and the shelter guests for a meal and community. This was a marvelous intergenerational experience; how often does this happen where all ages are represented for a shelter meal? …Never. We were even welcomed by the clowns again as (in costume) surprised our shelter guests during a meal. What a joy the men had laughing and engaging with the clowns.

We hope the Mott Community College Clown have a great time visiting schools, and enjoy their time marching in the St. Patrick’s parade this upcoming Sunday. And for those who disapprove of clowns (MC: who you mean?), I hope you’ll reconsider, and embrace the laughter clowns offer us.

John O.