Commitment Sunday – Nov. 22

Commitment Sunday – Nov. 22

Discussing money in church is a tricky deal. Many people don’t love it, but I’m one of those folks who is happy to do so, because I feel passionately about the positive impact of stewardship, and the giving of time, talents, and treasures. There’s not a moment that goes by when I don’t feel immensely grateful for our beloved community and its missions. I give happily, out of my thankfulness, and I’m here to encourage you to give happily as well.

Our stewardship theme for 2016 is New First. This refers to all of the positive changes happening around our community — lots of new staff members, building updates, and movement in our music ministry. It also refers to the many times we’ve seen positive changes in the past — versions and iterations of Old First that keep it relevant for each era. The momentum of our community is one of the attractions for members. So let’s keep things moving — keep helping the old to be new — by continuing to give generously. First, I’d like to encourage you to pledge. Pledging is an important part of community membership because it allows our financial volunteers to plan for the upcoming year in an informed and effective fashion. Pledging enables us to be good stewards of the Lord’s resources as whole community, and not just as individuals.

Second, I’m going to encourage you to pledge online via Realm. Our financial secretaries have already set up a campaign for you. Instructions for pledging online are available at either under the Worship tab or in the Member’s Area, Not only can you submit your pledge on Realm, but you can track your giving too. As you make gifts toward your pledge, that information will be logged into your account.

Finally, I encourage you to give electronically. I’d like to clarify that you can pledge via Realm. We ask that members not give through REALM. Giving happens via your bank’s website.

Commitment Sunday is November 22nd. We hope you’ll have your pledges in — either via the enclosed card or via Realm — by this date to help our financial team plan responsibly. However, we welcome all pledges, even those that come after the 22nd.

To summarize: pledge if you can, give if you can, and be glad of heart, knowing your contributions are making some wonderful work possible.

Elizabeth Gillstrom, Director of Stewardship