COMMUNION CAN-DO: A Wellspring Mini-Mission

COMMUNION CAN-DO: A Wellspring Mini-Mission

COMMUNION CAN-DO is Wellspring’s kick-off of a three-month mini-mission. The Cupboard needs the whole congregation’s help gathering more food to serve rising numbers of cupboard guests.

Food donations are still welcome each Sunday. But the Communion Can-Do campaign will focus on the meal at our communion table. Please help us extend communion far beyond our sanctuary by beginning a new practice- a special food drive for every communion service in June, July and August. (In June, we’ll be blessed to have communion in the 11 o’clock service twice on the first Sunday, June 5th and again on Pentecost Sunday, June 12th.)

The timing of our campaign also has to do with our cupboard partner, Philabundance, the food bank where the cupboard gets most of its food. Earlier this year, Old First suffered a 2/3 grant reduction for the purchasing of food from Philabundance.

If the Cupboard can document in the next three months that its facing greater need and responding by distributing more food, Philabundance will raise our Cupboard’s rating. A higher rating will allow us to begin acquiring more free or discounted food. It will also offer us first pick of Philabundance’s food selection, and provide us with referrals for additional grant money.

Wellspring is beginning to investigate other streams for food donations. But imagine this: If each worshiper brought one can of food to church each Sunday, the cupboard could serve at least 40 more guests!

We will continue to collect food and clothing donations every time we gather for worship. During June, July and August, the collection baskets will be on the table at the front of the Sanctuary each Sunday (instead of by the center doors to the Sanctuary). Wellspring invites you to place your donations there prior to service or during the first hymn. At the Offering, they will be gathered with the money collected and blessed.

But the real push of the Communion Can-Do campaign is to focus our food drive efforts on Communion Sundays. You might even ask friends, family and neighbors to help you gather food for our communion services.

On Communion Sundays, we will bring our food donations forward as we all come forward for God’s gift of the bread and the cup. As we are graciously fed, let us share, extend God’s abundance with others.

Wellspring is asking for an inch so Old First can walk an extra mile with neighbors in need– starting June 5th and 12th!

The canned goods most requested by our guests include:
Canned pasta; Spam; Tuna; Peaches; Pears; Oranges;
Beans; Corn; Pineapple; Deviled ham.

Respectfully requested,

Jill Soubel for the Wellspring Administrative Team