Ensuring that Communion is Open to ALL

“This table is prepared by Jesus, and is open to all.”

In the Reform Christian tradition, we believe that the communion table is open to everyone who wishes to participate in the mystery of the bread and cup. Communion is meant to bring us together, not create divisions among us.

So what do you do if you have health reasons that prevent you from taking communion? For those people, the “open table” is not so open after all.

This Sunday, October 6, is World Communion Sunday, when we join with Christians around the world, celebrating our solidarity and similarities. We will serve crackers that are gluten- and dairy-free so that the bread of communion is accessible to all. We’ve been offering gluten-free crackers as an alternative to the more traditional pita for a few months. But we are switching completely to the gluten- and dairy-free options because it has come to our attention that once pita has been dipped into the cup of juice, the juice is no longer safe for individuals who are sensitive to gluten.

Just one more way that we can practice extravagant welcome.