Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Q1: What is your name?

Suzanne Cole

Q2: What is your Ministry Area or Standing Leadership Group Name?

Community Engagement

Q3: What was the most significant accomplishment or insight gained in your ministry area in 2015?

The most significant insight of our Community Engagement ministry in 2015 is the continued realization that church participation is much more complex than a generation or two ago. Our congregation continues to expand its reach into the community: over 150 people visited a Sunday worship service for the first time in 2015, over 780 people follow our Facebook page, hundreds participate as volunteers in our outreach and other programs. Even so, our weekly Sunday worship attendance is level (averaging about 80 people per Sunday, the same as in 2014) and only a dozen or so visitors made the leap to become full members. Participation means much more than Sunday attendance, of course, and many more individuals consider “Old First” to be there spiritual home than sit in the pews Sunday after Sunday. Still, we as a congregation must grapple with how we can connect with one another on a deeply spiritual level when we’re much less likely to see the same faces on a regular basis.

Q4: Where is your group or ministry area stuck? What is your group or ministry area pondering?

(See #3)

Q5: Please list the goals of your group or ministry for 2016 with complete descriptions.

Old First’s Web site needs an overhaul to remain relevant. Currently there are limited funds to support such a project. I would like to drum up support within the congregation to make this happen.

Q6: What other comments do you have for the Annual Report

Engaging our community beyond our walls starts with an engaged congregation. I’m grateful to everyone in our congregation who makes the effort to reach out of their comfort zone to welcome newcomers.