Companionship through the Quarantine

Companionship through the Quarantine

Church is not the building.”

Never before has that aphorism meant so much.

At Old First we pride ourselves in the connections we have as a community. We know that we’re a congregation, not a building.

But how can we be a congregation, when we can’t congregate?

We’re figuring out how! In addition to our weekly virtual worship services and our weekly prayer group, the Elders are organizing small companionship groups as another way for us to connect during the quarantine period. Each group includes about 5-10 Old Firsters, who will “gather” once per week on Zoom to check in, share joys & concerns, pray, and laugh.

Many thanks to the folks who have stepped up to lead these groups: Adam S. Beth W., Bob S., Bobbie B., Janice S., Joanna R., Jonathan V., Julie S., Pat M., Tony M., and Winston B.

Over the next few days you should be hearing from one of these leaders about participating. (If you haven’t yet heard and would like to participate, please contact Kristyn <>.)

And if  your first reaction is to think this isn’t something you care to do, you might want to reflect on these words from Michael: “If I’m holding it together in all this (at least for now) and don’t think a companionship group is my cup of tea, I am missing the fact that there might be an isolated soul who could connect with me, or at least enjoy my presence, through having this group in their lives.”

Maybe one silver lining of the quarantine is that we’ll have these groups in place, to continue to support one another in the future. Even when we are able to get back into the building.

“See” you in church,