Contributions, to be counted for 2016, Need to Be Received in the Office by 5 pm on Fri., 12.29

There’s always a bit of a rush at the end of the year. While committed Old Firsters try and catch up and complete our pledges. When people are making year-end donations for their taxes. When the crowds swell for Advent and Christmas. When guests who only worship with us on Christmas and Easter lend us their financial support.

This year, it’s all a bit more complicated: the last Sunday of the year is Christmas Day. Which, since Christmas Eve is always our biggest annual attendance day, means that next day, attendance, most likely will be light.

We are having a special service on Christmas — “A Homemade Christmas” that will be offered both at 11 am and again at 4 pm. — so whether your ritual is opening presents and a big Christmas breakfast or a family get together of a meal in the afternoon or evening, you can come to church that Sunday.

But not everyone will… And folks will also be out of town visiting family and friends for the holidays.

So here’s fair warning: we’re almost at the end, with our last deposit for the year being made after 5 pm on Fri., Dec. 30.

Since October, our membership has been giving handsomely, and our running deficit has fallen dramatically, but we’re still facing a bit of a stretch to end the year in the black. Can we ask you to make sure you do your part, to help us end up on solid and stable financial ground as we begin another year?