Conversations on Ferguson: Adult Forum in November

Conversations on Ferguson: Adult Forum in November

This summer the killing of an unarmed, young Black man and the subsequent protests in a suburb of St. Louis drew the attention of the nation. Rallies, demonstrations, altercations with the police described as riots. Equally newsworthy was the militarized, defensive and secretive behavior of the police and other government officials.

Ferguson became a mirror to hold up to every town in the country, bringing to light negative aspects of our culture, painfully present but often shadowed.

Throughout November Adult Forum will host conversations on the events in Ferguson. Together, we will have the opportunity to learn, listen, discuss and process what Ferguson means to us as Christians and to our country as a nation with a complicated history and present.

The conversation will begin on Sunday, Nov. 2 when Adult Forum will be joined by Wes Lathrop, the Deputy Director at POWER who traveled to Ferguson in August. Wes will share his experiences there and the insights they left him with, particularly how they have affected his work here in Philadelphia.

Yajeh Ndimbie