Could You Be A Sunday School Teacher (and help a kid grow up well)

Could You Be A Sunday School Teacher (and help a kid grow up well)

Sunday School gets started this Sunday at 9:45 a.m. Kids of all ages (adults too) are invited to participate in a Spirit Day (see details in this article).

But we are still seeking Sunday School teachers. Yes, it’s a commitment. And some work. But what reward, helping the youngest in our community find their way, learn the faith and grow up well. (Michael is amazed by how many adults in church tell him at one time or another about how important a Sunday School teacher from their childhood was in their life.)

We want teachers to be working in pairs. We can divide classes better by age when we have enough teachers. It’s nice to say that children’s ministries are important to us, but if no one is willing to do the work, is that really so?

Last year, we have a whole new group of young people get involved in the church– the Oaklyn girls! But we want to make sure that they and our other kids have quality programs to get to know and appreciate church better.

Please consider teaching this year. We can work out flexibility within the kids need for some stability and relationship with the teacher.

Please speak to Yajeh N. or the pastor. Both of them promise, teaching our children the faith can be very rewarding, not to mention helping to develop your own faith…