Could You Cook for Our Shelter Guests?

Could You Cook for Our Shelter Guests?

As we gear up for our Winter Shelter season (check out these posts here for more info), we are looking for ways for everyone in our community to be involved. Already, many of us from Old First, as well as friends from other churches, schools, and community groups, have signed up to cook Shelter Dinners. We have already filled most spots in November and December!

Are you feeling called to help with our shelter, but are unable in the evening to cook meals? Fear not! We are looking for individuals to prepare casseroles or other pre-made dinners for our guests. If you are interested in cooking meals to support our guests, this is a way you can be a part of the shelter support community, but on your own time and in your own kitchen.

We need casseroles or other items, large enough to feed at least ten people (more if possible), and without pork (for our Muslim guests) or nuts (for allergies). We especially need these for the end of November and the end of December, but pre-made items that can be frozen are appreciated at any time during our shelter season.

If you are interested in preparing a casserole, for any date, please let me know –

John Bergen, Outreach Minister, Old First Reformed UCC, (316) 803-7868.