Covering the Outreach Work in Between John B. and ???

As the seasons change, so do the people we encounter whether at work, church, school, or your neighborhood hangout. The UCC Book of Worship even has a service for times of transition that reassures us “our church is always changing…”

Here at Old First, we recently said ‘goodbye’ to former Outreach Minister, John Bergen, who took a position at Germantown Mennonite Church in — well, no surprise — Germantown. While we miss him, we are so pleased that he could join our community and contribute his leadership to strengthening the outreach programs. We wish John B. the best in his new church community and pray that God watches over him.

The Outreach SLG is in the process of looking for a permanent replacement for John O. They have finished a first round of interviews and are scheduling a second round for finalists. However, realistically, someone new may not be in place until April. Please keep this search effort in your prayers.

That leaves a hole, particularly in the day to day to day operations of outreach ministries of Old First. As is our way around Old First, the staff will all pitch in and cover what we can. And the Admin. Team has agreed to make available funds from the salary line so that John O. can serve as a sort of Interim Outreach Minister and handle most of the work. If you need to contact John for outreach info, please continue to use the email, or to call him, use the church office number.

Thank you,

Old First Staff