Cow Cookies for the Cops, the Fire House and the Wyndham

Cow Cookies for the Cops, the Fire House and the Wyndham

“It’s all well that ends well.” We can say that because Stormy the cow, though loose on city streets twice the week before Christmas, was neither hurt herself nor did she hurt anyone else. We got news coverage around the world. Can you imagine how different the news stories and the public reaction might have been if harm were done?

We owe a great debt to the police, the fire department, animal protection, and the Wyndham Hotel (whose parking garage became a temporary uphill corral to tire out Stormy — after just minutes before she seemed as if nothing was going to stop her second sightseeing gallop through town.

Susan D. and her Lady Gray cookies have baked us dozens of gingerbread cookies in the shape of cows. They will be taken the 6th precinct, the local firehouse and the Wyndham Hotel with handwritten thank-yous on Old First stationary.

If we get lucky, next week’s E-pistle will have pictures of our recipients and their thank-you cow cookies. But most importantly, we are thankful for their help with our prodigal cow — that she made it safely back to her temporary home in the live nativity and then on back home to pasture on the farm.

(And now we add Susan to our list of thank yous!)