Day 2 of "Faith on Race" (our Lenten daily Bible study)

Day 2 of "Faith on Race" (our Lenten daily Bible study)

It’s a 2-for Thursday! (because I forgot I started the Bible Study yesterday!) Maybe consider the Luke this morning, and the Acts before bed?

Luke 13:29.

What if for us to actually have any experience of the Kingdom of God, we need to find ourselves alongside of and intimately and inextricably connected with people from the four corners of the globe (if not literally, at the least figuratively)?

If “radical diversity and intimate connection” are the condition of experiencing God’s Kingdom, how well does your life — identity, family, community, workplace, church, social and recreational circles — serve as a stage for relating to and identifying with people who are different? Do you spend most of your time, interest, concern on people defined in major part like yourself? Are there places where you come together with others? Is your life ennabling you to have experiences of the Kingdom?

Acts 10:28.

Within the theology of Jewish understanding up to the time of Jesus, there is a deeply religious sense of wishing to remain “pure and holy.” That meant many things, but included a fear of syncretism (how foreign religious ideas could lead Jews away from their God and the right practice of their faith) and, in a daily sense, a belief that being in the presence of or touched by a foreigner could leave one polluted.

Is there anyone or group whose presence or who exposure to has felt threatening? Or might be judged as dangerous or a risk? Who do you believe you do better to avoid or stay clear of?

We can explore these questions more at church!


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