Dear Church-A Note from Tim Kuntz (our organist-accompanist)

Dear Church-A Note from Tim Kuntz (our organist-accompanist)

In one of the occasional services in our UCC Book of Worship, we are reminded that the church is always changing — because the church is made up of people who are changing. That can be an occasion of great hope.

But it also can be difficult, as when someone is leaving our community. Our organist-accompanist for over six years has let our church leadership know he has accepted a position with another congregation. Below is a note that Tim wants to share with the congregation:

Dear folks at Old First,

I have accepted a position in the music department at Abington Baptist Church starting in September. As much as I have loved working at Old First, it felt like it was time to move on. I have completely enjoyed my experience working with, and being involved in the life of Old First. I have been proud to be associated with the ministries with the homeless and those that need food and clothing. I have been proud of Old First’s prominence in the community in striving for social justice. I love Old First’s diversity. Most of all, I have loved the people I have met at Old First. I wasn’t kidding in June when I said that Julie was the first colleague in my long and varied professional career that I never felt a twinge of adversity with, and that I love her and have loved working with her. The choir to a person – low voices and high – has all been a joy to work with. And I have loved working in smaller groups with all the wonderful talent that has been a part of the Old First music program these past six-plus years. I even liked sparring with those who said I should play the organ more – or less. I will miss Old First very much.

My last Sunday at Old First will be August 25th. I hope I can see you then, but if not – know that my prayers and best wishes are with you as you move forward.