December Outreach Updates

December Outreach Updates

Hello everyone!

And we finally have snow this winter! Be sure to stay safe and of course warm! Now, about what’s going on back at the church and with the Outreach ministries …

  • The plan is to still host the cupboard this Saturday. The storm will have subsided by then and although it will be cold, we are still going to serve!

  • All the men last week received gloves in their hygiene bags and were extremely happy. I am going to continue providing a winter accessory as long as I can sustain it, so this week’s item will be hats. A huge shout out to Beth Walker who bought 25 beanie hats!

  • The items I am most in need of at the moment are: deodorant and boxers (all sizes). If you would like to support Outreach in this way, head on over to our Wishlist which is posted in the bio on the Old First-Outreach Coordinator FB page.

  • In the coming weeks (hopefully) Outreach will be launching a partnership with The Wardrobe, who will be able to supply our guests with clothes while we can not. Because this is a pilot launch on The Wardrobe’s end, they are waiving the organization fee! Essentially, how it works is that guests will receive special passes on Saturday mornings which they can then use that pass to purchase up to $50 of clothing. I currently do not have a official launch date but will keep everyone posted.

  • As for the shelter- because there are no cooking groups this year, I am noticing a trend of requests from the kitchen crew for basic cooking supplies such as oil, salt, pepper, spices, etc. This is an added expense for the church that was not anticipated, so if you are interested in supplying the shelter with these types of cooking materials and help us alleviate some costs, you can reach out to me  🙂

Stay safe everyone,

Jess, Outreach Coordinator