Discovering Who We Are – 11.12. at 10AM in the Social Hall

Discovering Who We Are – 11.12. at 10AM in the Social Hall

Last Sunday, we watched James Alison’s video interpreting Acts 10. His analysis was remarkable, but the message was especially amazing. The story linked a vision of a Roman centurion to a vision of the apostle Peter. Peter was told to eat what he had thought was prohibited, was actually clean. When the centurion invited Peter to visit him, the apostle decided that meeting with Gentiles was no longer off limits. Peter’s view of the world was radically changed. All of a sudden, boundaries disappeared. His own identity changed. He discovered that what he thought were profane others were his equal.

Alison suggests these implications:

  • Discovering equality with repugnant others enriches us. We become universal, over against no one, engaged in a process of reconciliation.
  • Experiencing equality may also be painful. A new “we” develops, changing who we are.
  • Holiness comes from experiencing forgiveness. We can’t be good unless we feel forgiven.
  • Alison recalls what Jesus said to the thief who was crucified with him on the city dump: “Today you shall be with me in paradise.”

Meet with us Sunday at 10:00 AM in the Social Hall and get the details.


Barry Evans, Facilitator