Do You Have a Hand In?

Do You Have a Hand In?

In church on Sunday, June 8, Mike W., as the chair of the capital campaign, is going to be telling us why he has a hand in this effort. What are his hopes and motivations for extending our welcome and strengthening our service?

You might remember that Carrie, in her children’s story last month, invited the kids to open the capital campaign by putting their hands in first. They each cut out the shape of their hand. And they wrote on it what they love about our church. Those hands have begun to decorate the tree in the southeast corner of the Sanctuary.

The capital campaign will only succeed as an all hands on deck effort.

~ Why do you have a hand in the ministry of this church?
~ How do you hope the capital campaign will make a difference?

Your turn to put your hand in (and add it to our tree) is coming soon…