Do You Have Extra Winter Clothing Or Toiletries?

Do You Have Extra Winter Clothing Or Toiletries?

Our Clothing Cupboard is in serious need of your support!

Every Saturday, in addition to the hot breakfast we serve to our guests, we also allow guests to choose clothing and toiletries. We have been blessed by a number of clothing donations in the past several weeks, but we are running low on toiletries and winter gear, and we need your help.

For the next two Sundays (or at any time during office hours this week), please bring bars of soap, body lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, gloves, hats, sweaters, coats, and blankets.

How good does it feel to curl up under warm blankets, or fall asleep feeling clean? You can help provide this feeling to our guests. Ask your neighbors, friends, and co-workers for extra cold weather clothing and blankets. Consider purchasing one extra bar of soap or an extra toothbrush next time you go shopping. If you have any extra winter clothing, or if you are able to purchase toiletries and bring them, our guests will greatly appreciate it.

As the weather gets colder, we will continue to pray for our guests, and do our best to provide for their warmth and well-being. We will also step up our efforts, as we open our Winter Shelter on Sunday, November 1st. At this point, we have nearly every spot filled for cooking dinner in November and December.

You’re invited to participate in the Shelter Dinner in three different ways. Join us to celebrate at the first Shelter Dinner (RSVP to Steve at Step up to serve as a Host and enjoy the free dinner. Or, prepare casseroles or other dinners on your own time and drop them by the church. For more information about these outreach opportunities, contact John Bergen, our Outreach Minister, at