Do You Know Someone To Be Our Summer Intern for Service Camps (June – Aug.)

Do You Know Someone To Be Our Summer Intern for Service Camps (June – Aug.)

So far, we have 11 Service Camps scheduled for this summer. That’s good news for that ministry.

But with our Outreach Coordinator having left early, and Mindy leaving over the summer, the workload is making Michael nervous!

Service Camps work best if we have have a staff person deployed with them — offering direction and information and reflection, sometimes programatically and sometimes on the fly. The Outreach SLG understands, and is willing to be of assistance. But often the work with Service Camps begins very early in the day and can last until late at night. And it’s good to have someone living on site.

To make that possible, we are seeking to hire a Summer Intern for Service Camps. Duties will include welcoming Service Camps when they arrive and orienting them to their time with us; confirming the details of service volunteer sites, accompanying the groups on their volunteer service trips, and helping them to reflect and think further on their experiences and faith. There might also be occasional related Outreach Ministries duties.

Resumes are being received now. We will begin the interview process in the next week or so. And we would like to begin the position before June 1. Housing and a stipend will be provided.

For more information, or to express interest in the position, please contact the pastor.