Do You Know that REALM Includes an Old First Prayer Group?

Do You Know that REALM Includes an Old First Prayer Group?

A member of the church asked me recently if I had been informed of a pastoral concern in an other member’s family. I responded, “”Yes, the family called, and I’ve already sent it out to the prayer group for their prayers.”

He asked, “There is a prayer group?”

Old First has had such a group of people who covenant to pray for the people and needs that come up. Currently, there are 19 members of this group.

Anyone who is a member of the group can send an e-mail to the rest of the group requesting prayer. Even if you are not a part of the group, but wish to ask for prayer, let Michael or the church office know, and they will initiate the request. Michael regularly shares pastoral concerns that can be shared with the group to get more prayers going.

It’s not a community news source! It’s for those who promise to hold the info. they “hear” in the prayer group confidential AND promise to lift up the people and situations in their personal prayers.

Recent prayer request have included a prayer request for someone’s mother having surgery, updates on someone from our community who was hospitalized unexpectedly, news of someone’s trip abroad to see family, and prayers for a family from church involved in a bad car accident.

Someone else said to Michael recently: “I love getting the prayer requests in my e-mail. And now if I’m not sure I know who the person is, I just check the picture on-line picture directory. It’s like a whole new way of getting to know and supporting people at church.”

If you are part of our REALM communications network, just let Michael know you want to be added to the Prayer Group.