We Are Working on a New Format for Welcoming and Encouraging People to Wear their Name Tags

We Are Working on a New Format for Welcoming and Encouraging People to Wear their Name Tags

Our YASC Community Minister Julie has taken this on as a project– to help us figure out how to improved our welcome at the door as people come into the lower narthex, including getting them to sign in and pick up their name tags!

We haven’t figured out all the specifics. But Delilah and Bob S. have already agreed to get involved. If we could get a few more people involved, it can be another ministry team, a more effective welcome for guests, and a help to all of us struggling to remember all the new folks’ names. If you would like to be involved, please let Julie or Michael know.

The first steps is to make sure everyone has name tags. Mindy wants to place an order at the end of the month, so let us know if you need a name tag. You can let Mindy know in the office during the week. Or you can write it on the friendship pad or put a note in the collection plate. Or you can see Julie, who will be in the upper narthex after worship with a sign-up sheet. She will also have the sign-up sheet with her during the Fellowship Hour.

We hope with a slightly different system, we can encourage as many people as possible to wear them. We also have figured out a way to have them for guests.

Why? Because we have the blessing of being a community with enough new people and guests, that everyone needs to know someone else’s name sometimes. Name tags take the embarrassment out of that situation. In fact, they are a kindness for someone who may not know your name.

It’s just your name. But there’s the power of beginning a relationship in sharing it. Think about how powerful the giving of a name — for example a new name… “you are Simon, but now you are called Peter” — is in the Bible. Could it be as important in our church?

Keep listening for plans from Julie and her co-workers in this new ministry.