Do You Want to Be a Leader for our Xmas Eve Services?

Michael is currently looking for help with the Christmas Eve services. These positions are open to anyone who is interested. At Old First, we believe that “service” and “leadership” are the combination of calling and gifts. In other words, if you want to do something… if we can help you uncover the gifts to do something, our church means for you to get the chance!

And there’s something for everyone– in front of a crowd, leading worship or behind the scenes making sure that everything is laid out and ready.

Michael is looking for:

For this Sun., 12.22, after worship:
For people to help Alice put out the candelabras and candleholders on the pews.

For the 5 p.m. service:
~ People to move the nativity figures out of the Creche in the afternoon, and to put them back after worship;
~ People to hang the Pinata, place the spotlight on it, and put the Luminaires out.
~ People to serve as shepherds, kings and an understudy Joseph (need to be here by 4 p.m.).
~ People to lead the goats, sheep and cow as we look for “room in the Inn” for Mary and Joseph, and do some caroling along the way.
~ A person to serve as gatekeeper, letting the people into the Creche while keeping the animals in too!
~ People to serve as readers– loud voices, short scriptures about the birth, the shepherds and the Wise ones, from inside the corral.

For the 8 p.m. service:
~ People to prepare the candles on trays for everyone when we spread the light of Christmas.
~ Young people to light the candles before the service begins.
~ People to read the six Scripture lessons (one for each lesson).
~ People to turn the lights down and back up at the right time in the service.
~ An understudy holy family (it’s always good to have a back up when are ending the service at the Creche).

If you are interested in helping out, or have another idea of how you can be of help, please contact Michael

Remember, Christmas Eve is the night we host more guests that any other time during the year. Of course, all of us are really busy on that night, but at church, we can use all the help we can get!