Do You Want to Help Out at our Saturday Cupboard / Breakfast?

Do You Want to Help Out at our Saturday Cupboard / Breakfast?

Our Saturday Morning Breakfast crews have been dishing out delicious meals every Saturday. This feat takes a few simple steps and a lot of volunteers who only bring their compassionate “A” game to the kitchen.

Volunteers who have been cooking breakfast meals typically serve 80 guests on any given Saturday throughout the year. This regular weekend breakfast brings together some of Philadelphia’s less fortunate residents for a home cooked meal and the opportunity to receive clothing and toiletry items. This ministry presented by Old First is a prime example of God’s people living out the gospel’s message of Love.

For many, the opportunity to serve in this ministry is a gateway to becoming more aware of the issues of Poverty, Homelessness, and much more. Or aware, it’s an opportunity to respond in solidarity and service.

For those who don’t know, our guests who attend our breakfast all come from different walks of life; however, many are afflicted with some type of issue, such as addiction or mental illness. Despite whatever issue our guests may be suffering from, we choose to see them as God would…ordinary folks with a desire for God’s grace.

The Saturday Morning Breakfast is a wonderful volunteer experience for anyone over 14 years old. It offers you an opportunity to serve those in need; cook a meal within a community setting; interact with those who differ most from yourself; and observe how a church responds to need of the many. We like to invite you to consider volunteering to serve a breakfast meal for this upcoming Spring/Summer year.

The month of March still has slots need to be filled, and April is in need of both those serving a meal and volunteers to participate in other ways during the breakfast. If you are interested in this ministry opportunity, please visit our sign-up genius link to view available opportunities and to sign up for dates to serve. We would also invite you to share this with your workplace or neighborhood association.

Our meals feed our guests for a moment, but consider who will fed them later? Our efforts are small gestures to finding the solution to Hunger, and we ask that you aid us in these small gestures of Love.

John O.