Donate to Old First On-line

In Karen Winey’s last quarterly letter to the Old Firsters who have made stewardship pledges, she suggested that we might consider making our regular offering in support of the ministry of this church electronically… as automatic payments we set up through our banks (as many of us now pay most of our bills).

Here’s another option: an on-line payment button. It may not be the best for regular gifts– because there is a transaction fee. But for special gifts and to allow people beyond our community to contribute conveniently, it might be very helpful.

We used to have a “Network for Good” donate button on the old website that allowed people, if they chose, to make a gift on-line.

Last December, when we switched to the new website, the button got lost in the shuffle. We were meaning to restore it, but… so much to do, and the best laid plans…

But the button is back!

If you want to make a contribution to Old First on-line…
If you want to invite others to make a contribution on-line…
If someone says they want to donate, but don’t know how, here’s another option (besides send us a check, or having their bank send us a check)…

Gifts can be made one-time or recurring.

And you can designate via the on-line form if you want your gift to be used for a specific purpose. You can also indicate if your gift is given in honor or in memory of someone.

The buttons can be found in multiple places on our website:

On the “Community Service” and “Generosity” page under the “Grow” heading.

On the “Community Service,” “Food and Clothing Cupboard,” “Homeless Shelter” and “Urban Service Camp” pages under the “Serve” heading.

We hope this will make it easier to draw support for our ministries from near and from far.