Earth Care Tally – updated weekly

Earth Care Tally – updated weekly

image care of First Presbyterian Church of St. Paul

We are in the final stretch!!

EARTH HOURS AS OF TODAY – 1810 towards our 1500 goal

TREES PLANTED AS OF TODAY – 10 trees towards 25 goal

ADVOCACY LETTERS AS OF TODAY – 130 letters written towards 300 goal

Check back each week for an up to date report on our earth hours!

The trees were planted by Johanna Fine, Jane Styer-Acevedo and one of our youth. You can visit the website to see a map of where trees have been planted by all the congregations participating as part of Mission 4/1 Earth.  You can connect with a neighborhood organization and learn more about the where’s and how’s of tree planting!

The letters we have signed so far:

President Obama, Philadelphia City Council, and Gov. Corbett. We are advocating putting a fee on plastic bags within the city limit as a way to decrease their usage. Philadelphia uses over 688 million plastic bags each year, if we can keep those out of the landfills and from cluttering our streets, we’re one step closer to protecting the Earth.

Our letters to President Obama address the issue of the proposed open pit mine (Pebble Mine) in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has confirmed this mine would be catastrophic to this community and natural treasure. The mine would generate billions of tons of waste, ruin the world’s greatest wild salmon run, and devastate the Natives and commercial fisherman who reside/work in the area.

We also sent a letter urging him to support regulations for carbon emissions from power plants. President Obama has said he’d support these measure but has yet to take action.

Our letter to Gov. Corbett was to urge his support of the Clean Water Act in regards to the Susquehanna River.

There is no science to counting your Earth Hours – if you turn the lights off every time you leave home, that’s an hour or two of hours. If you watered the plants a few times this week, that’s an hour. If you wash your clothes in cold water and hang dry them, that is several hours. For commuters, think of all that time on the Regional Rail, Septa, or PATCO! Those hours add up. If you are doing anything that is decreasing the energy in your home, decreasing waste in our landfills, or nurturing the Earth, that counts. No one is keeping score, so guestimate to the best of your ability when reporting your hours.

Thanks to everyone who is participating!