Easter Sunday: Park Under the BF Bridge

Easter Sunday: Park Under the BF Bridge

Old First and other Old City congregations have received permission from the Philadelphia Parking Authority to park under the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on Easter Sunday, April 8.

We encourage our members to use this parking area so our guests can use church parking lots and street parking.  Also, if the bridge parking is used we can show the Parking Authority how much it is needed on a regular basis.

Park under the Ben Franklin Bridge along Florist Street (which runs directly under the bridge) between 3rd and 4th Streets or between 2nd and 3rd Streets. You may enter after 8:30 am and stay until 1:30 pm. Note you must vacate the lots by 1:30 pm as the gates will be closed. Display your Old First parking placard in your dashboard.

From NJ: End of the BF Bridge make a sharp right onto New Street to 4th Street; take a right onto 4th Street.  Make a left at the gates directly under the bridge.

From Spring Garden (heading east) & 4th Street: Take a right on 4th Street past Vine and New Streets and directly under the Ben Franklin bridge; make a left at the gate.

From Race Street (heading East): Take a left onto 3rd Street and directly under the bridge, take a left or right through the gates.

Note that this parking option is for this Sunday, April 8 only.