Ecology Sunday, May 1: celebrate & respect creation…

Ecology Sunday, May 1: celebrate & respect creation…

Ecology Sunday will be celebrated at Old First on May 1– outdoors in the front courtyard. It will be a special and different service for us.

After the Blessing of the Animals in October, people said to the pastor, “we should worship outside more often.” They were responding to the beauty of the morning outside. But they also noticed how easy it was for neighbors and passersby to slow down and enjoy watching us in worship, or even come on into the courtyard, sit down and join us. They said, “We should do this more often.” So we are…

The service will focus on environmental crises facing our world, and the potential difference that we as the church could make vis a vis the troubles our environment is facing– pollution, depletion of natural resources, global warming.

Worshipers are encouraged to prepare for and participate in worship in two different ways:

1) Please bring an image or an object representing some place in our natural world that you find particularly sacred. As part of our service, we will “build an alter” representing the richness and blessings of the creation God has given to us.

2) Try to get to and from church that day in ways that have the least carbon footprint. For example, a) you could carpool and come together in a full car, instead of 1 passenger per automobile; public transportation is the easiest form of traveling in a group! or b) you could get extreme and come without any fossil fuel at all– walk or ride your bike. Our service will include a blessing of the bikes and of the pedestrians. (Rumor has it that there might even be two electric wheelchairs that we can bless! And we’ll lift up those carpoolers.) We’ll try to figure out how much good we did the environment with out effort.

The pastor will be preaching on the Parable of the Prodigal Son as a way to think of how we environmentally have squandered our inheritance. And the music, on this Choir Sunday off, will be provided by Griffin Drutchas who has composed a song for worship that day. We’ll also be showing off the Memorial Garden and the Urban Farm sprouting and greening by the day too.

Val will be setting up one of her “Dedicate a Plant” for the Memory Garden Tables– where you can “buy” a plant to be placed in our courtyard flower gardens. (This might be an alternative way to do Mother’s Day Flowers!)

It’s a great Sunday to invite friends– for them to church when it all feels a bit more informal (who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning out doors). You might even decide to bring your pets– they won’t get as much attention as at the Blessing of the Animals, but they are part of creation!