Elders' Actions 02.09.15 Meeting

Elders' Actions 02.09.15 Meeting

The Elders have talked over and over again about offering a short report out of the actions they undertake (not our full minutes, but more like bullet points of decisions). But somehow, we never quite get to getting to it. But as we begin a new year, we are redoubling our effort. We want you all to know what we’re doing.

Elders serve, along with other leaders, the congregation, making decisions in between meetings of the full congregation. We’re not some secret cabal, making decisions for you that you won’t like! Actually, our meetings are open if you want to join us, or if you have something to bring to us; we just ask that you let our Moderator know to expect you. We meet monthly, usually the second Monday night of the month, so that the operations of the church run smoothly.

If we make sure you know what we are working on, you might give us more feedback and suggestions. And maybe some of you would in the future be interested in serving as an Elder.

At our February meeting, we began as we need to after the Annual Meeting, by electing Officers (by acclimation, no less):
Moderator: Larry Waddell
Vice Moderator: Jonathan Atwood
Secretary: Kathy Sykes

Larry spoke of his desire to help Outreach think about a more systematic way of marketing our service camps. Part of his thinking about this is that that’s one of the few line items in our 2015 budget that we know we are a bit “aspirational,” meaning that we stretched on the income we hope to receive.
Larry also spoke about wanting to make sure that Old First is leveraging REALM for its full capacity. Michael responded that one of the results of the communications necessitated by the Capital Campaign was a much better sense and first steps towards using REALM more to gather and maintain contacts, particularly of volunteers in our Outreach programs, and to figure out how to expand our communication and fundraising circles.
While there has been conversation at Admin SLG about staff evaluations, the Elders noted that the by-laws list that as one of their functions.
The Elders “deputized” Jonathan A. to work on getting a year-round Discernment SLG up and running (per the expectations of our governing structure).
The Elders recognized some unfinished business from last year (that got all caught up in the successful effort of Capital Campaign pledging):
~ getting back to Clark D. on his great work on establishing a Legacy Giving program;
~ bringing some needed by-laws amendments to the congregation for approval.
Annemarie provided her first monthly Treasurer’s Report, which so early in the year and after the first month with a Sunday that was almost “snowed out” doesn’t yet give us too much of an idea of 2015 budget performance!
The Elders also spoke about how there are plans afoot to call a Leaders’ Retreat for Saturday morning, March 14: a good way to get our new leadership team working together.

Keep an eye out for our monthly reports. And if you have any questions, please ask.