Elders’ Action Items from 10.17 Meeting

Elders’ Action Items from 10.17 Meeting

Columbus Day transposed the Elders’ Meeting, so that it was held a week later than usual, on Mon., Oct. 17. It’s getting busy for the Elders:

– Set our Leadership Retreat for Saturday afternoon, December 3rd (also a OF Leaders’ Christmas Gathering!)
– Drafted a plan for Discernment re.: leadership openings now and as of the Annual Meeting, involving asking for help more broad-based, beginning at the Leadership Retreat
– Reviewed status of the Parcel Committee’s progress
– We are rolling out Job Performance Evaluations for all staff, and Michael as head of staff is going first; the Elders also getting going on Holly’s as the church needs to get into a conversation with her, as our original contract ends at the end of this year.
– Discussed Michael’s sabbatical. Elders recommended that Michael take the 3 contiguous months he is due in 2017, presumably over the summer.
– Elders discussed Old First’s financial position and balance-of-year forecast and want to urge any members who are behind in their stewardship pledge to get caught up for the church’s financial strength. We are managing through, but still feeling the impact of the unexpected air conditioning repairs

If you have any questions about this, please speak to me or one of the other Elders: Greta, Janice, Jonathan A., Kathy S., Yiwola


Larry, your Moderator