Elders' Actions in February… in response to Annual Meeting

Elders' Actions in February… in response to Annual Meeting

The Elders met at beginning of their Feb. meeting jointly with the Admin SLG to think together and coordinate activity following the Annual Meeting.

Later in their separate meeting, they:

1) Established framework for two new action teams discussed at the Annual Meeting:

Phase 1 Project Implementation Ministry Team and 4th Street Parcel Ministry Team.

Next is to identify team members, set timelines, and give each Ministry Team a specific charge. If you are interested in serving on either, or know someone — even someone outside our community who might be invited as a special guest consultant — please speak with me.

2) Discussed ways to improve communication to the members:
~ Hence, the reinstitution of this monthly update of Elders’ actions.
~ Scheduled “Ask the Elders” session after church service March 12th and Fall 2016 (TBD)

3) Appointed Greta Stewart to be the Elders’ liaison to Outreach.

4) Welcomed Janice Smith as our new Elder, and said ‘fare thee well’ to Beth Davis who had served as an Elder for 4 years.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to speak with me or the other Elders: Greta, Janice, Jonathan, Kathy S., Yiwola.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry, Moderator