Elders Available After Worship this Sunday, April 2

Elders Available After Worship this Sunday, April 2

Do you know the Elders always write a summary of the actions they take at their meetings. It’s published in the next week’s E-pislte as “Elders’ Corner.”

They mean to be available and transparent in their leadership at Old First. But do you even know who are Elders are?

They know, it’s easy for them to seem like some secret cabal! They don’t want that. So as well as their reporting after each monthly meeting, they are going to be available every first Sunday. After worship, they will simply move up to the circle of chairs where we celebrate “informal communion” on the 3rd Sunday of every month (the front of the church, on the right / west side of the chancel).

There on the first Sunday, there will always be a few Elders (or more) to talk with. If you have a question for one of our Elders, about how we do what we do at Old First?  Or a comment.  Or a suggestion. Or would you just like to take a minute to say “Thank you for your leadership?” Count on finding them there.

Members of our Elders will be present at the end of this week’s service, April 2, and then again next month, on May 7…

And just so you know: Jonathan A. is the Moderator; Bobbie B. the Vice Moderator. Then there’s Yiwola A., Janice S., Julie S., Greta S., Kathy S., Larry W. Please take a moment to get to know those folks who do their best to draw our community closer to God in the midst of this world.