Elders’ Corner

At their Monday, Feb. 13 Meeting, the Elder’s took the following actions:

  • Elected a new Moderator, Jonathan Atwood. The Vice Moderator will be elected at a later time.
  • Welcomed two new Elders, Julie Steiner and Bobbie Benjamin.
  • Committed to a more active, working Board of Elders for the coming year, wherein more work is delegated from the Moderator and each Elder ends up with assignments.
  • Elders will be available on the 1st Sunday of each month to chat with Congregation members after the worship service.
  • Jonathan, on behalf of Elders, is writing a letter of thanks to Beth Walker and the Discernment Committee for their work — finally we have a discernment ministry team! And they accomplished a lot in a very short time. Great job!
  • Elders will be offering a written update and thank you to the contributors towards the Capital Campaign.
  • The church will thank all those who have served in church leadership, and will pray over our new leaders in worship on February 26th.
If you have any questions, please ask:  Jonathan A., Yiwola, Bobbie, Janice, Julie, Greta, Kathy S., and Larry.