Elder’s Corner

Elder’s Corner
The Elder’s met on February 18 and would like to share a few highlights from our meeting:
  • We welcomed Meg Bigelow and Tony Merlo to the meeting. (Alexa was unfortunately unable to be at the meeting).  Tony, Meg, and Alexa Sherr are joining the Board of Elders. Meg and Alexa will share the responsibilities of being an Elder. We are pleased to have their perspectives. Their willingness to serve is greatly appreciated and provided an opportunity for all of us to review portions of our Constitution and By-Laws and assess how we are doing now and what we want to focus on moving forward.
  • To that end, we have scheduled a retreat for April 7 following church.  A retreat will give us an opportunity to get together with all of the leadership groups and discuss our work and share our ideas together.  There is much to consider and do as we envision where we want to be in our ministry and service.
  • The Elders held elections for the coming year.
    • Jonathan Atwood will serve as Moderator for the Final Year of his Term,
    • Bobbie Benjamin will serve as Vice Moderator,
    • Kathy Sykes will serve as Secretary.
Respectfully submitted by Kathy Sykes on behalf of the Elders