Elder’s Corner  

Elder’s Corner  

The Elder’s met on May 13 and we wanted to share highlights of our discussion.

1. Financial Update 

Our reports indicate we are behind in our pledges. We hope a gentle reminder will help nudge those who are behind. This will keep us on target with our projections for this year.

2. HVAC 

Elders agreed to enter into a maintenance contract for services.

3. American Bible Society 

Old First has agreed to be among the churches on a walking tour of Old City historic churches. We will write our own narrative and description for inclusion in their brochure.

4. Pension Board

Elders agreed to contribute to the Endowment Drive within the Southeast PA Conference to benefit retired clergy. We are blessed with a giving congregation and a reasonably healthy financial position compared to many other churches.

5. Shelter discussion and Vote

On Sunday, there will be another opportunity for a small group discussion after worship with Outreach and JVMT. The vote will be held on June 2.

Respectfully submitted by Kathy