Elder’s Corner

Elder’s Corner

The Elders met on June 10 and would like to share a few highlights from our meeting with you:

1. The United Church of Christ has created a ministry for a WISE Congregation.WISE stands for Welcoming, Inclusive, Supportive, and Engaged in the Mental Health of the community and the wider world. Local churches are encouraged to develop a WISE Board to plan for implementation within our own church. Pastor Michael will discuss with the Community Life SLG.

2. The Elders agreed to get more information on incorporation of Old First Reformed Church as a 501(C) 3. Presently we are chartered not incorporated.

3. Several important meetings regarding the new building occurred last week, including the Rules Committee on 6/12 and the Historical Commission on 6/14. We have been very fortunate to move forward with this project with community support.

We moved through the Rules Committee, which brings us closer to having a zoning ordinance passed.

We had success with the Historical Commission:

  1.   a) we have permission to move the historically significant portion of the Fox Building;
  2.   b) permission to demolish the remainder of the building;
  3.   c) we have conceptual approval of the massing of the new building.

Our progress necessitate that we begin considering and planning future steps for the life of our church, both in the interim as building plans move forward and for the long term. We hope that these two meetings have positioned us to begin the process of applying for the Request for Proposal (RFP) from the City.

4. A review of the operating budget shows a gap in anticipated revenue primarily as a result of pledges not received as planned.

5. As we look to fill crucial roles in our church life, the elders have a question for the congregation: Is there someone who could help us to think about discernment? Please reply to Michael or one of the Elders.

Respectfully submitted,