Elder’s Corner

Elder’s Corner

The Elders met on September 9 and would like to share highlights with you. 

  1. Discussion of Budget – While a shortfall was anticipated when we approved this year’s budget, several factors have led to an increase in the shortfall which is now projected at $40,000. These include pledges not received as planned according to scheduled giving and overspending in operating costs, such as utilities. A September giving statement will be issued so that everyone is aware of their own contributions. Expenses will be deferred until next year whenever possible.
  2. Looking ahead – We would like to do some visioning as a church, looking at our short and long term goals. We are concerned about staffing needed to best serve our ministry. We currently have an interim outreach coordinator but would like to look ahead to how to best meet our needs for the future. In the interim, we are pleased to have Billie Charron taking on the role and reaching out quickly to make connections. 
  3. Crèche – The Elders have agreed that having live animals for an extended period as part of the Crèche is not feasible. There is too much work and time required to be handled on a voluntary basis or by staff. Staff will explore the option of having a donkey for the 5:30 Christmas Eve service.
  4. JVMT Update – The project is moving forward in many ways. A community meeting will need to be scheduled prior to the application for city funding. Immediate neighbors have been contacted and have been supportive. Federal tax credit applications are due by 11/15 but frequently require multiple submissions prior to approval. A complete update of progress is available in the Epistle.
  5. Discernment – There is work to be done in filling vacant positions important to church life. There are currently open positions in Christian Education, and there will be openings for new Elders in February, including the Moderator position. 

The meeting closed with prayers.



Kathy Sykes