Elder’s Corner

Elder’s Corner

The Elders met on October 11 and here are the highlights of our discussion.

1. Financials

Pledging is catching up and we are hopeful it will continue so that we will meet pledges budgeted by the end of the year, thus closing a portion of the gap between income and expenses.  Operational expenditures and  “what breaks”  are still a factor.

2. New Sanctuary Movement Request

We have been asked by the new Sanctuary Movement to consider hosting a family who is asking to live in sanctuary. Beyond the information shared, we discussed additional questions that we feel we need answers to before moving this conversation forward, such as duration of commitment to provide sanctuary, requirements for host church, potential conflict of shelter vs sanctuary and support needs, and what has contributed to burnout of other congregations. Also whether we have adequate living arrangements to offer without too much additional expense. (Third floor has no heat.)

3. Long Range Plan Process

Discussions continued among the Elders about our long term vision and conversation will continue with the Congregation at the January Annual meeting. Topics included income vs. budget, which also informs other discussions, Discernment and Building leadership capacity within the congregation, ideas to increase curb appeal,  and functionality of worship space that can be accomplished now maybe with a mini capital campaign.

4. JVMT Update

After a very successful community meeting, the next steps include applications to the City and State for financing. Zoning permits must be approved. (They have been approved since the meeting). An option to lease agreement is also needed to be agreed upon by the Church and Community Ventures and submitted with the application.


Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Sykes