Elders’ Corner

Elders’ Corner

The Elders met by conference call on August 8 for our July/August meeting. We want to share the highlights with you.

1. Stewardship and Budget:  Giving statements have been mailed to all givers. Hopefully the statements will serve as a reminder for those who are not up to date and confirmation for those who are up to date. Our budget reflects a $13,000 gap in pledging as well as some unanticipated operating expenses.

2. New Staff Members:  Alesha Thomas, the current Outreach Coordinator, will be leaving as of August 31. Old First is in the process of hiring an interim Coordinator to support the Outreach Ministries when she leaves. In addition to an interim Outreach Coordinator, Holly has helped locate and hire a new organist, who will be playing two times a month. Once employment agreements are signed, we will introduce the new staff members to the church community.

3. Looking Ahead:  These staffing changes are allowing us time to look ahead and give the church an opportunity to do some longer range thinking and planning about the future direction for our Outreach Ministry. Questions to be considered: should we replace the Outreach Coordinator position on a permanent basis or consider hiring an Assistant Pastor, who would take on these responsibilities as well as others. Additional financial support would be necessary to consider the Assistant Pastor position.

Pastor Michael ended our meeting with a prayer and shared his good news on the birth of his grandson.

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